Your complete license management system.

Simplify your process for managing license applications with a single system that is centralized, easy to use, and paper free.

Fast track your application and forms.

Easily upload, track, and organize all your applications in one place.

Upload fillable applications and adjust the settings to meet your board's needs.
Review, approve, or deny submitted applications at your convenience.
Monitor, manage, and audit all licensee CE activities and renewals.
  • Eliminate the Paper Trail: Digitally manage, review, and approve licensing applications.
  • Dashboard: Quickly view the status of applications and earnings.
  • Submission Checklist: Create a checklist that ensures all important steps are taken care of before an application is submitted.
  • Application Fee: Set a fee that an applicant must pay before submitting the application for review.
  • Required Items: Choose items that an applicant must upload before submitting the application.
  • Reviewers: Assign reviewers to review submitted applications for approval.
  • Approved App Documentation: Certificates and documentation will be sent to applicants upon successful review and approval.
  • Automated Messages: System messages are automatically sent when an application changes status.
  • Manage Licensees: Add and import licensees into the system to view CE requirements and run audits.


Clear and simple pricing.   No hidden fees.   If your application requires a fee for submission, the cost is simply 5% of the submission price plus merchant fees.   Merchant fees are 2.15% + $0.25 per credit card transaction and $0.25 per eCheck transaction.